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Outside of my day job, I work on a multitude of side projects. I'm a big fan of building your own tools. Not only does it allow you to build around your specific workflow, but it also allows you to explore a wide range of interesting projects to gain experience in. The projects listed below are in no particular order.


These projects have been released in some form or another and are used in production. Most are open source while some are not.

Ghost A small class-based programming language with an interpreter built with Go. The name and logo are inspired by Ghost in the Shell. Ghost can be easily installed on mac using homebrew.

Ghost VSCode Extension Provides Visual Studio Code support (syntax highlighting and snippets) for Ghost. The official website for Ghost, including documentation and technical blog posts on the language.

Engine A simple 2D game engine to make games in Ghost inspired by Love2D, Pico-8, and DOME. The base application is built with Go, embeds Ghost and utilizes SDL2 to interface with the audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick and graphics hardware via OpenGL and Direct3D.

Toy Lexer A simple working example of a lexer written in Go. This was developed by going through the Lexing portion of Writing An Interpreter In Go with some improvements made from my work on Ghost.

FusionCMS My main role at efelle creative is building a content management system (CMS) called FusionCMS. I've lead development since version 5 of its release, and we're currently working towards releasing version 6 sometime this year. FusionCMS is the largest on-going project I've work on, having been used to build and launch over 200 websites.

Apollo A closed-source website monitoring tool built during my time at efelle creative. It's integrated with Slack and pings a specific channel to notify our support and sysops teams of sites that become unresponsive.

Athena A closed-source encrypted password manager. Used to securely store and share passwords for various accounts by multiple people.

efelle SSO In order to consolidate accounts and ease internal support, I created a single sign-on service to centralize all team member accounts into one at efelle creative. Any internal tools built then integrate with the SSO service to allow easy access for the team as a whole.

Launchpad A software release platform specifically built for FusionCMS v5. This has multiple responsibilities in the life cycle of the CMS, including generating license keys, generating changelogs based off of github milestones and closed issues, publishing tagged releases on GitHub, storing and serving version downloads, and tracking internal exception logs from supported websites to notify the support team of issues to resolve in a timely fashion.

Music A self-hosted music server, fashioned after Spotify and used to host and stream my personal music library.

Conway's Game of Life Built as a means to test Ghost and Engine's capabilities.

Ghoul An easy way to execute PHP scripts with Composer support without having to configure Composer's autoloader. Focus on the task at hand and freely use Composer dependencies as if they were a native part of PHP 🎃

PHP GPIO I had come across a simple implementation working with the GPIO interface through PHP and decided to make a simple Composer package out of it. I used this library to wire up a custom magnetic contact switch to detect when my apartment door was open/closed all through PHP hosted on a Raspberry Pi Zero.

nomimasu A simple spaced repitition system (SRS) to collect and learn Japanese vocabulary, sentences, and kanji. I developed this shortly before visiting Japan to help cram more Japanese into my skull to better prepare my communication and navigation skills. While in Japan, I continued to collect and input common phrases and sentences I came across during my time there into the SRS.

Chronos An application that sends messages through Telegram for repeatable reminders at a specific time. For example, I use this to ping myself when I need to study Japanese at 9am and 1pm everyday. Reminders can be scheduled from a range of every minute to yearly and everything in between. Reminders can also be set on specific days of each month, or specific days of the week (Sunday through Saturday).


These projects have been archived from production use; mostly from the inability to dedicate time to maintaining them. Regardless, most of these are still usable in one form or another.

Ghost in C The first version of Ghost's interpreter was actually built in C as a bytecode virtual machine. This was mostly based off the works of Crafting Interpreters before I moved on to rebuild things in Go, which I like to refer to as the "modern rendition of C". Still blazingly fast and comes with a very robust standard library out of the box, with full unicode support. Sign me up!

Tengu A learning endevour to deep-dive how popular web frameworks (CodeIgniter, Laravel) process requests and return responses. I'm still very proud of this work and hope to one day rebuild this using Ghost. A variation of this once powered a small set of websites built at efelle creative.

Proton An elegant collection of renderless Vue.js UI components. I really like the approach of renderless components used for UI and UX. Proton provided the API, leaving you to roll your own styles or make use of utility-first CSS frameworks, such as Tailwind, to fit your project and needs.

Hermes A closed-source internal ticketing system built for efelle creative. We very briefly used it to track internal support requests; from server provision requests to restocking coffee in the kitchen. This was replaced by GitHub and their issue board feature.

RiveScript PHP Interpreter A RiveScript interpreter for PHP. I never finished this one - but got it to the point to support the basics of the scripting language. RiveScript is a simple scripting language to create the "brain" of chatbots. It can be used to craete some cleaverly designed scripts to cover a lot of use cases. I thought it would be great for server bots — blog post

Codex An easy to use file-based documentation platform using Laravel. Content is stored in markdown files with a clean theme to instantly get up and running with beautiful documentation. One of the key features was its "drivers". Codex supported two out of the box; local and git. Local read from a local directory on your server, while git dynamically cloned and kept documentation up to date stored within a Git repository. I turned this project over to Robin Radic to continue development in 2016.

Hanzai A very simple map overlay that interfaced with the Seattle Police Department Police Report Incident API. Built to explore API and at the time, to learn the FuelPHP framework before I made the hop over to Laravel — blog post


These projects I started but never finished for one reason or another. I may one day finish them, then again, maybe I won't 🤔

Aya A recipe and meal planning application. Use to collect your go-to recipes for home-cooking, plan your weekly meals, and generate shopping lists of items needed.

Kaizen A personal virtual assistant with a simple text interface and text-to-speech/speech-to-text capabilities for more natural human-computer interactions. Open source variant of Google Home/Alexa/Siri hosted on a Raspberry Pi. The idea was to make this modular, to host productivity tools to keep track of notes, contacts, your music library, etc. through one interface.

Caffeinated Gamification A gamification package for Laravel, to easily add in badges, XP, and user levels to be obtained by encouraging visitors to join and participate in your online community.