What I'm Doing Now

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This is a now page, where I write updates on the things I'm currently doing, focused on, and interested in.


I recently started as a lead back-end developer at Nintendo. I am both extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity to part of something that has been such a positive presence in my life.

Learning Japanese

I've been passively learning Japanese since I was a teenager, but recently I've been taking it more seriously by working with a private tutor on top of dedicating time to it each day learning kanji, studying grammar, memorizing vocabulary, and working on listening and speaking capabilities.

Developing Ghost

I have always been curious how programming languages worked under the hood. With Ghost, I've taken steps in understanding and peering into that black box by slowly building one of my own. I have ambitious goals in mind for the project as a whole, from building a 2D game engine to a package manager to build a user-driven ecosystem.


As part of my Japanese learning journey, I've discovered the incredible power of spaced-repitition-systems and how they aid you in maximizing your time learning new things. I've done a small deep-dive into how these systems work and am working on a simple system that aids in learning Japanese vocabulary, kanji, and sentences.