I'm a web developer based in Seattle with 10 years of experience building web-based software solutions.

My primary focus has been back-end development, building systems, platforms, and tools that facilitate front-end development and design teams to build and launch websites.

Contact Information

Work Experience

Lead Back-End Developer

Nintendo, Redmond, WA - (July 2021 - Present)

Director of Application Development

efelle creative, Seattle, WA — (August 2017 - July 2021)

  • Managed a team of ~4 application developers and system administrators.
  • Formed the system administrators department as a dedicated team focused on hosting and monitoring of over 300 websites.
  • Designed and lead development of FusionCMS version five.
  • Designed and developed the Matrix system, a means of auto-generating system architecture based on content needs. Drastically cut down design, development and content entry hours.
  • Designed and lead development of FusionCMS version six. Version six was built API-first with an SPA control panel developed in Vue. Version six was made completely free and open source (MIT).
  • Designed and developed the release and auto-update service for FusionCMS v5, aptly named Launchpad w/ GitHub integration and automated bug tracking.
  • Designed and developed in house tools to help streamline and automate company tasks:
    • Accounts, a company-wide single sign on service
    • Athena, a secure and encrypted password vault
    • Apollo, an uptime and website monitoring service w/ Slack notifications monitoring all 300+ hosted websites with minute-by-minute status checks
  • Delegate development tasks with other application developers, including add-on development, new feature development, and bug fixes.
  • Developed custom web scrapers and import tools to facilitate content migrations.
  • Facilitate front-end development team, building advanced Vue components.

Application Developer

efelle creative, Seattle, WA — (June 2013 - August 2017)

  • Facilitated development on FusionCMS version four, building new tools to more efficiently import and manage client content.
  • Built custom modules based on client projects.
  • Designed and developed a custom PHP framework for mobile-specific website builds. This allowed for rapid deployment and upkeep of mobile-specific sites.
  • Facilitated front-end development, building advanced PHP logic based on project specifications.
  • Worked directly with Customer Support on Tier 3 (top level) tickets that dealt with both proprietary and 3rd party php code as well as system architecture.

Developer / Support Technician

Electric Function, Seattle, WA — (October 2012 - June 2013)

  • Developed payment gateways connecting third-party API's, integrating into core products.
  • Worked on core premium products (Hero Framework — CMS and eCommerce, and OpenGateway payment platform)
  • Lead and performed custom development projects for clients, quoting and following up with changes and tweaks where necessary
  • Responded to and provided support for submitted support tickets and emails on company products and custom development projects in a timely manner.

Open Source


Go, https://ghostlang.org

Ghost is a small embeddable scripting language developed in Go. I started the development of Ghost not only to learn Go, but to also dispell and open black boxes surrounding programming languages and how they operate.


Go, https://github.com/ghost-language/engine

Engine is a simple 2D game engine developed in Go using the SDL2 library. Engine is still in early development as the API is being planned around the offerings of SDL2 as well as continued improvements to Ghost itself.


PHP, Laravel, https://beta.getfusioncms.com

FusionCMS is the result of my work at efelle creative. FusionCMS was once a propietary CMS developed in-house, but was made fully open source with the development and beta release of version six. I was lead architect and developer, designing the system as a whole from the ground up based on my work with version five. Both the user experience and developer experience were paramount in the development of the platform.

Caffeinated Packages

PHP, Laravel, https://caffeinatedpackages.com

Developed a series of packages for the Laravel framework, facilitating the development of large web applications. All packages combined have seen over 500,000 downloads and the most popular package hitting 900 stars on GitHub. Packages include adding modular plug-and-play support, permission system, theming system, menu generation, and improved asset management through PHP.


  • PHP / Laravel
  • JavaScript / Vue
  • CSS / Sass
  • SQL
  • Go


Associate of Applied Science, Computer Information Systems

2012 (Unfinished due to relocation) GPA: 3.3/4 — Georgia